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How condescending is your wine merchant?

When I received PR bumf from a new wine website called Ten Green Bottles with phrases such as ‘innovative concept’ and ‘unique wines’, I was going to write something on the meaningless guff used to promote things. Then I realised … Continue reading

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Corner Shop Wine Challenge

Due to lack of funds, I have not been buying my regular cases of wine from Majestic or the Wine Society. As a result I am often caught out with no ordinary wine in the house so have to visit my local shop. … Continue reading

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The best old socks in France

One of the most bittersweet aspects of reading old books about wine is the suggestions for good areas to bargain hunt. In The Daily Telegraph Guide to the Pleasures of Wine by Denis Morris I came across the following: ‘Hermitage … Continue reading

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Writing about wine is like. . .

I think it was Elvis Costello who quipped ‘writing about music is like dancing about architecture.’ I pondered this glass in hand whilst my wife took me through the stark steps of the Le Corbusier polka. Music only stimulates one … Continue reading

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Designer sherries

Martin, manager at Oddbins in Leeds back in the early years of this century, used to refer to a morning sherry as a sharpener.  There is nothing quite so refreshing when hungover as an 11am Tio Pepe.  That is what … Continue reading

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