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This week I’m drinking. . . . a very nice South African Chenin

In Blackheath there are two clothes shops: one caters for Richard Hammond, all expensive jeans and mid life crisis leather jackets, and the other for James May. I often wondered who is buying all the paisley, surely even millionaire former … Continue reading

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Obligatory Valentine’s Day post

When I worked for a publisher a few years ago we decided to have a party on Valentine’s Day because we were all much too cool to take part in such confected nonsense. Guess what? Nobody showed up, they were all at home … Continue reading

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This wine reminds me of . . . . Kevin McCloud!

I have a love/ hate relationship with Kevin McCloud. When he does that beaky-nosed scrunched-up eye thing at the camera I can’t help shouting obscenities at the television. And yet Grand Designs is my favourite program on television. That’s partly down to being … Continue reading

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On cellaring ordinary wines

It’s not often I get told off for not talking about wine. In fact a few years ago a flatmate bought me a heavy glass ashtray and said that she’d brain me with it if I started pontificating on the … Continue reading

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Were the Wars of the Roses caused by a shortage of claret?

This week we have an interview with Toby Clements author of Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims. This is the first in a series of historical novels set during the Wars of the Roses. It’s very bloody and bloody good. Also the interview … Continue reading

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