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You Lidl beauty: Côtes du Rhône Villages Chusclan

Like many I was swept up in the excitement of the discount retailers :  no brands! huge packs of bratwurst! cardboard boxes everywhere! I kept on trying to get my wife to go to Lidl instead of Tesco’s or the pricey Ocado … Continue reading

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A Victorian Christmas – claret and whisky in the same glass

Here’s my annual Lady Christmas bumper wine extravaganza. It should be up on their site soon. I’ve annotated it slightly for the blog:  Most of our festive traditions such as Christmas trees, sending cards and mince pies back to the … Continue reading

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Look no further, here are the perfect Christmas wines

I wrote in an earlier post on no longer being a wine outsider. Well just to seal my establishment credentials here is a post that is dedicated to plugging a temporary offer from a retailing leviathan. It’s that time of … Continue reading

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Is this the worst name for a wine ever?

Tesco used to do a wine called ‘Great with Friends.’ An innocuous name until it was placed next to other wines called ‘Great with pasta’ or ‘Great with fish.’ Then it took on a Hannibal Lecter quality.  I was reminded of … Continue reading

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An unusually bad wine

Wine writers very rarely write about horrible wines. Their columns are full of exciting recommendations for readers to buy. There are two reasons for this. Firstly wine writers feel it is important to support wine as an industry. They think … Continue reading

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Marks and Spencer’s celebrity hell

              We should have guessed that Marks & Spencer was in trouble again from their recent advertising campaign. One can imagine desperate executives at head office shouting: ‘dammit John! We’ve got Mirren, Westwood and … Continue reading

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Is the Wine Society evil?

Of course it isn’t! For a start they don’t have a Dr Strangelove-style war room in Stevenage with a world map covering in blinking lights. But if I was an independent wine merchant I wouldn’t be too happy with this … Continue reading

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