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On cellaring ordinary wines

It’s not often I get told off for not talking about wine. In fact a few years ago a flatmate bought me a heavy glass ashtray and said that she’d brain me with it if I started pontificating on the … Continue reading

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Book review: Salt and Old Vines by Richard W H Bray

Sometimes before even opening a book you are kindly disposed towards it. It was like that with Salt and Old Vines. Firstly because it’s published by my publisher, Unbound, and secondly because it’s set in perhaps my favourite part of … Continue reading

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Wine of the week: Tesco Finest Cotes Catalanes Grenache 2012

I’ve realised that my biggest weakness as a wine writer is that I’m a bit slow (that and not knowing very much about Burgundy). I’ll try a wine at a tasting, forget all about it, and then months later, think … Continue reading

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Odd flavours, off flavours

There’s a lot of talk at the moment amongst us wine bores about natural wines – wines made with no additives and little or no sulphur. Positions have become entrenched, harsh words have been said. I foresee a schism. The … Continue reading

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