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We’re going down the pub!

As English pubs open today, 4 July, I thought it as good a time as any to try to put into words why I love certain pubs and fear for their future. Perhaps my proudest moment as a father was … Continue reading

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The Joy of Wetherspoon’s

Of all the stories I’ve heard about the fallout from Brexit, families divided, work jeopardised, friendships ended, the saddest was someone on Facebook who announced that he would never visit  a Wetherspoons because its proprietor, Tim Martin, was involved with … Continue reading

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What happened to all the quiet restaurants (and pubs)?

This article originally appeared in the Oldie magazine: The other day I went for lunch with an old friend at a fashionable Peruvian place in Soho. The food was nice, the noise was appalling. It was more like being in … Continue reading

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