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Oporto: city of wine and stodgy food

Like a lot of wine writers, I have a particularly soft spot for Oporto and the Douro valley, possibly the most beautiful wine region in the world. Here’s something I wrote for Boisdale Life magazine on just this subject: After … Continue reading

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World of Booze returns

Merry Christmas! Here’s a picture of what I drank over the festive period. Obviously, we drank a lot more than this but these were the highlights: But I’m not writing to show off the fine booze consumed. Well, I am … Continue reading

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This week I’m drinking. . . . . port

Me last Christmas: I can’t understand why I’ve put on so much weight. We didn’t do that much feasting. My wife: yes but after every meal you had cheese and port My problem with port is that I find it … Continue reading

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This week I’m drinking . . . . the Christmas Negroni

I’ve been sent these rather lovely looking bottles from Martini. They are Martini Rubino Vermouth, Ambrato Vermouth and Martini Bitters. There’s something of a vermouth revival going on at the moment with delicious new products from South Africa (Badenhorst), Australia … Continue reading

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Did King Arthur’s father sell dodgy wine?

On holiday I watched Monty Python’s Holy Grail for the first time in years. Unlike most of their stuff, it’s actually still very funny. Whilst watching the taunting Frenchman bit below, I had a bit of an epiphany. Elderberries were … Continue reading

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For God’s sake, don’t give up booze in January

This time of the year the papers are full of columnists telling you to give up drink for January or spurious articles suggesting that there is no safe amount of alcohol. My advice is to ignore all this nonsense. If you’re that worried about … Continue reading

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I’ve just written something for the Spectator on Oporto. I was there to research my book as a guest of Sandeman port. At the time my daughter had chicken pox and I kept on getting messages from my wife saying … Continue reading

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Ivy League cocktails

I’ve been doing some serious research for my latest Guardian column. It’s on cocktails made with fortified wine. I did so much research that I feel a bit bleary this morning. No matter, I can pretend it’s work. This is what … Continue reading

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What would drink marketers do without Napoleon, Nelson and Wellington?

It probably says something about me that I associate the forthcoming 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo on Sunday 18 June with alcohol more than anything else. I don’t think I’m alone though; British children are no longer taught … Continue reading

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A Victorian Christmas – claret and whisky in the same glass

Here’s my annual Lady Christmas bumper wine extravaganza. It should be up on their site soon. I’ve annotated it slightly for the blog:  Most of our festive traditions such as Christmas trees, sending cards and mince pies back to the … Continue reading

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