Book Review: How to Love Wine by Eric Asimov

People who aren’t interested in cooking read Nigel Slater, just as people who can’t even drive watch Top Gear, but so far no one has managed to score an equivalent success with wine. Most wine books are bought by those we can politely describe as wine bores. As a self-confessed wine bore, I find this baffling. Wine is a subject, like food, that can encompass all human experience: war, history, poetry, economics, sensual pleasure – and yet it struggles to break out of its ghetto. Enter Eric Asimov

This is a book review that appeared in the Guardian a few weeks ago. Click above to read on. There were a few comments and even a letter from readers saying that they read Nigel Slater and they cook. I should clarify that I wasn’t saying that all Nigel Slater readers don’t cook, just that some of his readers don’t. I’m referring to his memoir, Toast, rather than the cookbooks. There wasn’t space to put all this in my review.