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Booze interview with Ian Buxton

I am delighted and honoured to have Ian Buxton as guest on my blog. His new book, Whiskies Galore: A Tour of Scotland’s Island Distilleries, comes out this month. It’s an idiosyncratic and often very funny stroll around some of … Continue reading

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The mysteries of distillation

The image above is on the distillery door at Delord in Armagnac. It shows the working of an alambic,  a continuous still used to make the spirit. Continuous in that the wine is constantly pumped in (where it says vin) and … Continue reading

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So. Much. Gin

Samuel Coleridge wouldn’t have stood a chance these days. Every time my wife settles down to write the novel that will lift us out of lower middle-class penury, the doorbell rings. These latter days men from Porlock are couriers bearing … Continue reading

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Reading and drinking

One simply cannot have too many books about booze. I’ll even read those books about supermarket wine with titles like Easyquaff and Fruity! that were all the rage a few years ago. In particular I like ones from second hand … Continue reading

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