Is this the worst name for a wine ever?

Tesco used to do a wine called ‘Great with Friends.’ An innocuous name until it was placed next to other wines called ‘Great with pasta’ or ‘Great with fish.’ Then it took on a Hannibal Lecter quality.  I was reminded of this when I came across a wine called ‘Willing Participant’ at a recent tasting put on by Tesco, who seem to be the home of wines with names that sounds a bit sinister.

Willing Participant‘ is a chardonnay from the Yarra Valley. . .  actually it doesn’t really matter where it’s from, why have they called it ‘willing participant’? Are they saying this wine should only be drunk with people who have agreed to have a drink with you? Enjoy this wine but remember, don’t coerce anyone into drinking it, and definitely don’t drug them, strangle them and then do peculiar things to the corpse. And if you’re kidnapping journalists in the Middle East, you might want to try something from the Finest range instead.

It’s a shame they’ve lumbered it with a dodgy name because it’s actually quite a nice wine. They do a red too. Next time you’re having a mutually consensual drink with a friend or even a potential lover, you should try it. If they’re initially reluctant, they might always change their mind after a couple of glasses and becoming a willing participant. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

Image from The Silence of the Lambs.

 I hope readers will note hyperbolic headline. I’m trying to be modern. See previous post