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The Joy of Wetherspoon’s

Of all the stories I’ve heard about the fallout from Brexit, families divided, work jeopardised, friendships ended, the saddest was someone on Facebook who announced that he would never visit  a Wetherspoons because its proprietor, Tim Martin, was involved with … Continue reading

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After Brexit will we go back to cooking with tinned mushroom soup?

This is something I wrote for Food & Wine, an American magazine, just after the EU Referendum result. It’s entirely speculative but then most Brexit commentary is. Much of the increasingly bitter arguments over the recent referendum boiled down not to matters … Continue reading

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How will Brexit affect Bordeaux

This is something I wrote for Berry Bros & Rudd: For a certain kind of wine lover, usually British, Claret is red wine. At the moment though, the wines of Bordeaux are decidedly unfashionable. Bordeaux bashing is a popular sport … Continue reading

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