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There’s something oddly egalitarian about champagne

This article originally appeared in the Spectator The British are notoriously cheap when it comes to wine; the average bottle price is around £6. On one wine, however, we’re happy to spend five times that: champagne. We love champagne, and … Continue reading

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These wines are Absolutely Fabulous

Many writers will be using the release of the Absolutely Fabulous movie to reminisce about the crazy 1990s: cocaine, clubbing and Kate Moss. Drink writers will be going on about Bolly and Stolly which Eddy and Patsy put away in heroic quantities. … Continue reading

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Right wing views, plus fours and Kummel

“He’s been at the kummel again,” the world-weary butler sighed deeply. He was a regular customer at the Knightsbridge wine merchant where I was assistant manager. Every week, he’d turn up in a black Range Rover and buy a case … Continue reading

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This champagne smells of custard.

Yesterday my father came over to celebrate the birth of our baby. One of the things I share with my father which I hope to pass on to my daughter is a certain curmudgeonliness when it comes to champagne. Our … Continue reading

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