My favourite posts

This is a list of my favourite posts from nearly ten years of blogging:

What kind of sherry did Frasier drink? – This was one of the first things I wrote and easily the most read thing on the site.

The first rule of wine club is – Some silly and some serious rules for hosting a wine tasting.

Booze interview with Roger Scruton – In which I subject the former wine writer of the New Statesman to a grilling.

What should we call English ‘champagne’ – There is still no answer to this question.

The wine that came in from the cold– One of my favourite Portuguese wines, Dão.

Australian wine gibberish – Whoever writes the tasting notes at Penfold’s has been drinking something a little stronger than Grange.

Home soleras – Why I love mixing wines.

How I made the worst Negroni ever – Tinker with a classic at your peril.

Serendipity and the joys of old Rioja – The most delicious wine is often the most unexpected.

House blends – a continuation of ‘Home soleras’

Legends in their own lunchtime – An appreciate of the long publishing lunch

Getting trolleyed – Retro dining returns to London

You can’t appreciate wine without getting (at least a little bit) drunk – You’d never guess from reading Decanter that wine is intoxicating.