I’m a drinks writer. You can read some of my work here. My day job is features editor at the Master of Malt blog. I worked in the wine trade and publishing before becoming a freelance writer and broadcaster. My work has appeared in the Spectator, the Guardian, the Oldie and Food & Wine magazine. I now works as features editor on the Master of Malt blog. I have been on BBC Radio 4, Radio 5 and Monocle Radio, and a judge for the BBC Radio 4’s Food & Farming Awards and for the Fortnum & Mason food and drink awards 2018.  I am a Teletext expert. My book Empire of Booze: British History through the Bottom of a Glass won Fortnum & Mason debut drink book 2017.  The Home Bar was published in October 2018 and the The Cocktail Dictionary is due September 2020. I live in Faversham, Kent.

You can contact me on henrygjeffreys@gmail.com

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  1. winesleuth says:

    I agree with your banned words and can we also add “din-dins” to signify dinner? so annoying!

  2. Lisa Paton says:


    I’m organizing this year’s Co-operative Spring Press Tasting. If this is of interest could you supply an email / postal address so I can send an invitation.


    Lisa Paton
    Rumpus Communications

  3. Good evening young man,

    I represent England’s second best sausage blog, although we have the best name. At Rate My Sausage we’re gathering some guest reviews from ace bloggers, and wondered if you would care to have a dabble?

    All we ask is at least one digital image, and a couple of hundred words. All in your own style, and as tenuously linked to a sausage review as you like.

    Thank you for reading, we hope to hear from you soon!

    Simon R

  4. Maria Polo says:

    Here at Café Rouge we are organising the following competition and thought you may be interested to feature it in your blog, or enter it yourself:

    France and good wine go hand in hand and, at Café Rouge, we’re as crazy about our wines as we are about our delicious food.
    So, to celebrate French wine we’re searching for local Francophiles who share our passion.
    You could win a £200 gift card to spend at your favourite Café Rouge, plus the chance to host your own wine tasting session in the restaurant.
    To enter, and for more information please visit http://www.caferouge.co.uk/masterofwine

    So Many thanks!

  5. Hi Henry,

    Great site! Please e-mail me at natdecants@nataliemaclean.com. It’s about wine of course 🙂


  6. Cordelia Rosa says:

    Hi Henry,
    I was wondering whether you ever wrote about champagne. I do the Press & Communications for Champagne Billecart-Salmon here in the UK and wondered if you would be interested in trying our latest cuvee, Cuvee Brut Sous Bois.
    Please send me your address so that I can send you a sample if you are.
    Kind regards,

  7. Hi Henry,

    I was hoping to get your point of view on a new business we are launching in the New Year.

    The idea for the business came from us wondering at a lunch what the sommelier drank at home. His insider knowledge no doubt meant he was drinking better wine than us! From there we wondered about where the Investment guru puts his money, where the Travel expert goes on holiday and so on. So Savvy Friends was born. We are bringing together 24 Experts in different areas (from men’s style to beauty, gardening to art).

    One of the key areas as already mentioned is wine. Our Wine Expert is Ronan Sayburn currently Director of Wine and Spirits at Hotel du Vin. He’s a previous winner of the UK Sommelier of the year and has worked at some great restaurants (such as La Manoir and Gordon Ramsey). Ronan tastes hundreds of wine in the course of his usual business. What he will do for Savvy Friends is point out the ones he thinks are exceptional for quality and value. We will then source these wines and make them available through our website. The aim is to have a small number of delicious wines that are difficult to find elsewhere.

    We’d be very interested in your initial views of our business. We are very conscious of how crowded the wine market is. Do you think our proposition is sufficiently differentiated to stand out? Are there any ‘watch outs’ we should be thinking about.

    I attach a presentation that outlines the proposition,

    Click to access GQ%20Creds%20%28Small%29.pdf

    Many thanks in advance for any thoughts you have.

    Yamit Dattani
    CTO Savvy Friends
    M +44 (0) 7973 844645
    E yamit@savvyfriends.com
    W http://www.savvyfriends.com

    Follow us on twitter @SVYfriends

  8. Jessica says:

    Hi Henry,

    We would like to invite you to an evening of champagne and food matching at The Greenhouse. Please can you send me your email address?

    Many thanks,


  9. Hi Henry,
    Contacting you from Laithwaites wine – is there an email address we can send tasting invitations and info to?

    Kindest regards,

  10. Lexi Winsley says:

    Hi Henry,

    Wines of Turkey have a very exciting tasting we’d like to invite you to.

    Please can you send me your email address so I can send through the details?

    Many thanks,
    Lexi Winsley

  11. hey Henry,

    I really like you blogs. Most of all the Book review one and What kind of sherry did Frasier drink?.

    I order these wines from http://www.evines.co.uk/ . But really i was wondering if you might make a blog about it. Love to here your point of view on it.

    One of the fans,
    Ollie Craven

  12. Lorie Honor says:

    Hello Henry, (if that is indeed your real name!)
    Found your blog as I was further searching a friend of mine’s (wine lover and blogger, Arnold Waldstein) recommendation to check out wines from Marsala, and realize you have out-scooped the region back in 2010 or so…(do you have dibs on the Jura, too?). I have a wine shop in Staten Island, NY specializing in small-batch, organic, family-run, (you know the drill since you must LOVE Binner, as I do!) So I’m not looking for the newest thing but usually the OLDEST, but not in a Bordeaux-way, just good old-fashioned wine that makes you think you’re on vacation for a sip or two!
    So love the Blog and looking forward to tasting some of your picks when I can get them!

  13. Henry says:

    Hello Lorie

    Yes that’s my name. Your shop sounds wonderful. I know almost nothing about the wines of Jura apart from adoring Vin Jaune and trying it whenever I get the opportunity. I read the improbably-named Wink Lorch whenever I want to pretend to know about this region: http://jurawine.co.uk/

    Next time I’m in New York, I’ll take the ferry and visit you.



    • lorie Honor says:

      Hey Henry!
      Sited and linked to your PORT post in my weekly newsletter. Hope that’s ok? If you send me your e-mail I can send to you for your (belated) approval?

  14. Hi there,

    Absolutly loving the words of booze wisdom and wondered if you might be brave enough to try a lower alcohol Marlborough sauvignon blanc in order to prove your point about wine snobbery or lack thereof.
    We think it stands up pretty well in terms of mouth feel and are part of the new NZ government research programme in to lower alcohol wines. If I can tempt you please get in touch at charlotterushworth22@gmail.com
    All the best

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