In September I finally left my employers Oneworld Publications. One month later they won the Booker Prize with Marlon James’ A Brief History of Seven Killings. D’oh! Still at least I had my columns to keep me amused. Sadly the very last Empire of Drink column ran last Friday. I knew it was only temporary. The Cook supplement like to change columnists regularly. I could take comfort in being wine writer for the Lady magazine. It didn’t earn much money but I did get to pretend to be a character from PG Wodehouse. Sadly yesterday the editor informed me that they no longer needed a weekly column from me. I’ll still be their wine writer, but will only be doing one off features, Christmas specials, that sort of thing.

So now I have no job and no columns. Crisis! Or is it an opportunity? No it’s definitely a crisis. Still it gives me time to finish the edits for my book, work on a proposal for a new book and lead a life of genteel penury in Lewisham. I will also be blogging a bit more. Posts will be more about wine recommendations than the usual naval gazing. I might even start taking pictures of bottles or even of food in restaurants. The next step is Instagram, vines and whatnot. The aim is to be an internet celebrity by this time next year.

About Henry

I’m a drinks writer. My day job is features editor at the Master of Malt blog. I also contribute to BBC Good Food, the Spectator and others. You can read some of my work here. I’ve done a bit of radio, given some talks and written a couple of books (Empire of Booze, The Home Bar and the forthcoming Cocktail Dictionary).
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5 Responses to Crisitunity!

  1. ginbralter says:

    Blog More.

    Lord x


  2. Gari N Corp says:

    How about a tumblr called Shit I Found In Lidl? I just stayed with someone who had procured a whole Serrano ham for £29 there

  3. Jyrgenn says:

    Oh, Henry, while I’d certainly enjoy following your exploits as a(n even bigger) Internet celebrity, do the book! We are waiting… :–)

    Seriously, I am very much looking forward to reading the book, and it’s been a while in between.

  4. Henry says:

    Thanks! Book is being edited as we speak. Should be out summer 16.

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