Skin Contact – LIVE for one night only

For my first job in publishing, I worked as an assistant for a woman who really should have been a Blue Peter presenter. She was never happier than when cutting up bits of card to make into elaborate press releases or decorating rooms for launch parties. There are a lot of people with frustrated showbiz urges in publishing but that’s nothing compared with the wine world. Both Oz Clarke and Olly Smith were former actors, Charles Metcalfe was an opera singer, Pierre Mansour from the Wine Society used to DJ at the Ministry of Sound and let’s not forget about Jane MacQuitty’s time as a dancer with Chic.

This means that there’s a lot of larger than life personalities at tastings. It also means that when someone forms a group to raise money for charity, then the musical standard is likely to be quite high. Richard Hemming who writes for Jancis Robinson’s site has formed just such supergroup called Skin Contact who are to perform a one off gig on the 9th March at Vinopolis. All proceeds go to Wine Relief which is related to Comic Relief rather than being a benevolent fund for bibulous wine merchants.

Richard has put together a formidable line up including former member of Gene and Curiosity Killed the Cat. Sharing vocal duties will be Joe Wadsack (currently gracing, perhaps gracing is not quite the right word, BBC 2’s Food and Drink program), Charles Metcalfe and others.

To get you in the mood here’s Curiosity singing Misfit:




About Henry

Henry Jeffreys was born in London. He has worked in the wine trade, publishing and is now a freelance journalist. He specialises in drink and his work has appeared in the Spectator, the Guardian, the Economist, the Financial Times, the Oldie and Food & Wine magazine. He was a contributor to the Breakfast Bible (Bloomsbury 2013) and his book Empire of Booze: British History through the Bottom of a Glass was published in November 2016.
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