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You never need to pack a wanker – or how I learned to stopped worrying and love sommeliers

Last year there was an incident in a French restaurant involving a notable wine-maker (I’m not allowed to mention his name for legal reasons), who sent back a bottle of wine saying that it was corked. The sommelier disagreed and refused to … Continue reading

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Extract from Empire of Booze – Sicily

I’ve put an extract from my forthcoming book, Empire of Booze, up on the Dabbler website. I’m probably about halfway through the book and hoping it will appear as planned in very early 2016 or even extremely late 2015.  From the top … Continue reading

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Oddbins, they’re back and this time it’s personal

Oddbins seem to have had more comebacks than Kevin Rowland but like the man himself, this time Odbbins really do seem to be back. There will be no dressing up in women’s clothes at the Reading Festival for them (look … Continue reading

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Look no further, here are the perfect Christmas wines

I wrote in an earlier post on no longer being a wine outsider. Well just to seal my establishment credentials here is a post that is dedicated to plugging a temporary offer from a retailing leviathan. It’s that time of … Continue reading

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Calling all drink books. Please RT

I’m after books about booze for a round-up in a national newspaper. Ideally published this year. I’m especially interested in ones that aren’t An Idiot’s Guide to Beer or 50 Wines to Impress your Father-in-Law. Please retweet this and if you … Continue reading

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Sediment: Two Gentlemen and their mid-life terroirs

I started this blog partly because I thought I’d spotted a gap in the market. I couldn’t find anyone who was writing about wine but also bringing in literature, history and a good dose of silliness. Most wine writers seemed … Continue reading

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