Some choice sherries

To follow-up on my last post (insert haunting bugle solo), here are some of my favourite sherries from the Great Sherry Tasting:

La Bota no 32 Manzanilla, Equipo Navajas – This has a very yeasty nose, distinct whiff of marmite here with some musty notes. In the mouth it’s big, dry and floral with a very long finish. The Sampler £25.

Amontillado VORS, Lustau – so long and complex that it seems more like a story than a drink: dark amber, very dry but with flavours of brown sugar and salted hazelnuts. Around £60 if you can get hold of it.

Oloroso Seco Faraon, Hidalgo – walnuts wrapped up in rich velvety blanket; dry finish but with a little sweetness. £10.99 Cambridge Wine Merchants

Palo Cortado Viejisimo, Cayetano del Pino – a symphony of sherry that smells of marzipan with floral notes, hugely dry and extremely long. £22 The Wine Society.


About Henry

Henry Jeffreys was born in London. He has worked in the wine trade, publishing and is now a freelance journalist. He specialises in drink and his work has appeared in the Spectator, the Guardian, the Economist, the Financial Times, the Oldie and Food & Wine magazine. He was a contributor to the Breakfast Bible (Bloomsbury 2013) and his book Empire of Booze: British History through the Bottom of a Glass was published in November 2016.
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3 Responses to Some choice sherries

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  2. Ian Graham says:

    The Oloroso Celestino from Romate at the Wine Society is another worth a look if you haven’t tried it. Fantastic with richer Spanish food.

  3. Rosita says:

    Come to the newly opened Rosita & the Sherry Bar in Northcote Rd with more than 25 sherries to taste, a few of them from Equipo Navazos.

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