Wine of the Week: Frappato Fondo Filara

Rosé is so 2005, English whites are 2009, Cava is 1996 (probably due for a revival soon.) If you really want to be progressive this summer, you should be drinking cold red wine. All you need is a red low in tannin and relatively high in fruit, the sort of red that appeals to non-red wine drinkers (hello Mum!), some way to keep it cold and you’re away. The traditional wines to do this with are from Beaujolais or the Loire, but most reds respond well to a lowering of the serving temperature. I warn you though, once you start chilling reds, it becomes a compulsion; soon you’ll be putting good claret in the fridge for ten minutes before serving.

One of the advantages of a light red over rosé is that when it warms up in the park, it isn’t going to start tasting horrid. This is my current favourite cold red:

Frappato Fondo Filara, Nicosia 2011 £8.50

My wife has asked me not to recommend this Sicilian in case the Wine Society sells out. Tastes exactly like crushed blueberries with a hint of volcanic smokiness. This is how I imagined wine would taste when I was a child.

Here’s an interesting article about this winery and the wonderful wines of Etna.

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2 Responses to Wine of the Week: Frappato Fondo Filara

  1. Misti Traya says:

    I sincerely hope you bought another case of Frappato before posting this. Otherwise, you are in SO much trouble, Mr. Jeffreys.

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