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Parlez-vous ‘wine’?

At this time of year my friends start behaving strangely: they have terrible mood swings, one moment singing bawdily, the next moment heads bowed disconsolate; their speech changes, the accents become more Cockney/ Yorkshire/ Mancunian depending on where they are … Continue reading

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Wine interview: Eduardo Porto Carreiro

This week I’m delighted that top sommelier (sorry wine guy) Eduardo Porto Carreiro has agreed to take part in my booze interview. Originally from Brazil, Eduardo was sommelier at Grace and then Lukshon in Los Angeles and has recently moved … Continue reading

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Ethical, local, sustainable. Delicious?

There’s a café near me that has the following on the sign outside ‘Ethical, sustainable, local, organic.’ The sign seems to work as the place is doing a roaring trade. It got me thinking about what this sign says to … Continue reading

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Poor Sauvignon Blanc

I wrote a thing for the Lady a few months ago about how the best way to impress fellow wine bores is not through wines that you like but wines that you don’t. Anyone who has ever been on date … Continue reading

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Wine of the Week: Frappato Fondo Filara

Rosé is so 2005, English whites are 2009, Cava is 1996 (probably due for a revival soon.) If you really want to be progressive this summer, you should be drinking cold red wine. All you need is a red low in … Continue reading

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