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I won something!

As boy I was a very poor sportsman. Whilst my older brother George was always winning things, my trophy cabinet was bare. In fact I didn’t have a trophy cabinet, there just wasn’t the need. Looking back, I think the only thing I ever won was the Sixth Form History prize in 1995. The prize was a £25 book token. Now 17 years later, I have won something else and it’s considerably better than a book token. Jancis Robinson has been running a competition on her site over the last few months where readers have submitted restaurant reviews and mine has just been chosen as the winner. You can read my review of the Giaconda Dining Room here. The prize is a bottle of Château Mouton Rothschild 1996. Now who to share it with?

By Henry

I worked in the wine trade and publishing before becoming a freelance writer and broadcaster. My work has appeared in the Spectator, the Guardian, the Oldie and Food & Wine magazine. I now works as features editor on the Master of Malt blog. Ihave been on BBC Radio 4, Radio 5 and Monocle Radio, and a judge for the BBC Radio 4’s Food & Farming Awards and for the Fortnum & Mason food and drink awards 2018. My book Empire of Booze: British History through the Bottom of a Glass won Fortnum & Mason debut drink book 2017. My second, The Home Bar, was published in October 2018.

8 replies on “I won something!”

Congratulations – you deserve it. A lovely piece of writing, with several sentiments we share concerning trendy Soho restaurants! Sounds just our kind of place, and just our clientele, actually – although no indication how much it costs…?

We only ever come close to winning things ourselves – like this runner-up – so well done on coming first.

Thanks for your kind words.

Your article reminds me of a wine shop in Barcelona where I was almost forcefully ejected for browsing. A scruffy young Englishman gazing intently at bottles must be up to no good.

Giaconda isn’t expensive, £6-7 for starters, £15-20 for mains, but neither is it very cheap.

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