Being scrupulously honest

As well as writing about booze for which I earn very little, I have a day job where I earn obscene amounts of money so that I can keep my family in Krug and cashmere pyjamas. I am referring, of course, to publishing. The worlds of wine and books rarely cross especially in these days of dry lunches but sometimes I’m asked to work on a book about wine so I feel it is only proper to declare an interest. This month I started full time at Bloomsbury Publishing and they’re publishing a new book by Jay McInerney called The Juice; I’ll be doing the PR.  So if you read anything about Mr McInerney here, just be aware that I have a vested interest in the success of this book. Obviously I’m not going to review it but I hope readers don’t mind if I quote from it because it’s very hard not to. Whilst I am being scrupulously honest, I’ll also mention that Roger Scruton, another whose wine writing I admire, is published by Continuum who are now owned by Bloomsbury. And finally at Granta, my last employer, I worked with Victoria Moore, the Telegraph wine critic. My conscience is clear; suspicions about how I sustain my champagne lifestyle on a publishing salary and allegations that I am paid a ‘consulting fee’ by the sherry marketing board I find ugly and offensive.


About Henry

Henry Jeffreys was born in London. He has worked in the wine trade, publishing and is now a freelance journalist. He specialises in drink and his work has appeared in the Spectator, the Guardian, the Economist, the Financial Times, the Oldie and Food & Wine magazine. He was a contributor to the Breakfast Bible (Bloomsbury 2013) and his book Empire of Booze: British History through the Bottom of a Glass was published in November 2016.
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