Good news from World of Booze

I heard the exciting news last week that this blog is the fifth most read wine blog in Britain according to Cision. Or it might be the fifth best or the fifth most innovative, how they rated the blogs is not clear, but however they worked it out it is nice to be appreciated. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting and making it feel less like I’m sitting at home muttering to myself.

Ahead of me in the top 5 are:

Berry Bros Blog – the oldest wine merchant in London; supplier of booze to Beau Brummell and former employer of Napoleon III when he was down on his luck.

Wine Conversation – written by an industry insider called Rob McIntosh who runs the wine bloggers conference. I like to think of him as the Dan Aykroyd character in Gross Point Blank except with wine bloggers rather than hit men.

Spittoon – the first and most prestigious wine blog in Britain.

Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog – this man is a Master of Wine. This isn’t like getting a 2:1 in English Literature from the University of Leeds; it takes years of rigorous study. I am rather in awe of people who achieve it. (editor’s note: Jamie Goode isn’t actually a MW – I think I must have mixed him up with Tim Atkin. Still Mr Goode is well worth reading and knows his onions as we wine writers say.)

And then at no 5 is me. So no idea what I’m doing in such venerable company but hopefully soon I will be approached by a shadowy cabal of Bordeaux Chateaux looking to preserve the status quo through lavish gifts, luxury holidays and veiled threats.


As well as this blog I have started writing occasionally about booze for The Dabbler, Quintessentially Magazine and Slightly Foxed. They are all excellent publications and worth subscribing too or just reading for free in the case of The Dabbler.


Finally a plug for a new blog that has nothing to do with booze from former wine writer Patrick Matthews. It’s called Middlesex County Press and it is, amongst other things an, appreciation of London’s unloved suburbs. As someone born in Harrow, it has a strong pull but I recommend you have a look whether you live in Chelsea, Inverness or San Luis Obispo.

About Henry

Henry Jeffreys was born in London. He has worked in the wine trade, publishing and is now a freelance journalist. He specialises in drink and his work has appeared in the Spectator, the Guardian, the Economist, the Financial Times, the Oldie and Food & Wine magazine. He was a contributor to the Breakfast Bible (Bloomsbury 2013) and his book Empire of Booze: British History through the Bottom of a Glass was published in November 2016.
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6 Responses to Good news from World of Booze

  1. worm says:

    all hail Henry, King of Booze! (or possibly Viscount of Booze! or Baronet of Booze!) excellent work, your blog and writing at the dabbler is always entertaining

  2. Chaz Folkes says:

    Congratulations and well deserved! I’ll check out the other publications as well.

  3. Henry says:

    Thanks Mr Worm and Mr Folkes!

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  5. Tobias Ø says:

    I doubt you’ll be sued by the Institute of Masters of Wine, but I believe you’re quite wrong about Jamie Goode being an MW. I think he has a PhD in plant biology –and he has recently collaborated on a book with Sam Harrop MW. Not to detract from your awe of the prolific Mr. Goode, but since you were so specific about that reason..

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