How easily corrupted am I?

When I started this blog I was told that I would be inundated with invitations to tastings and free samples. I have been to few tastings and one lunch but sadly the deluge of corporate largesse never materialised.  My heart leapt a couple of weeks ago when I received a press release about a new campaign to promote British beer being launched with a celebrity party at Hix in Soho. I was looking forward to discussing the relative merits of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord versus Adnams’ Broadside as a session beer with Nicola from Girls Aloud. On closer inspection, however, it turned out that the party had already happened. The PR girl had sent me some information telling me about party to which I had not been invited.

It’s not like I even want to go to parties or tastings where I won’t know anyone, I’d just like to be invited.  Some fellow wine writers across the ocean have a more rigorous attitude to such blandishments. The always interesting saignée blog from America has the following disclaimer:

saignée no longer accepts PR, samples, press junkets or freebies of any kind. Please don’t contact me about them because I won’t pay them any mind.’

Mmmm press junkets. They’d be hard to resist. Imagine being flown off to Southern Italy by a well-known Campanian wine company. I bet it’s warm there at the moment. I can see why saignée would want to nip such temptations in the bud. It would be very hard not to write glowingly about a company that gave you such a pleasurable trip.

I, however, am made of sterner stuff. My critical objectivity cannot be swayed by first class airline tickets, fine wine, warm weather and sultry Italian ladies. After all the lavish hospitality I would still be able to judge the wines on their own merits and they will only be written about on this blog if they are any good (or unusually bad.)

So PR people and large Campanian wine companies, do your worst, send me your freebies, invite me to parties, book me on an all-expenses paid trip to Amalfi. My readers (hullo Pippa) know that I am incorruptible.

About Henry

I’m a drinks writer. My day job is features editor at the Master of Malt blog. I also contribute to BBC Good Food, the Spectator and others. You can read some of my work here. I’ve done a bit of radio, given some talks and written a couple of books (Empire of Booze, The Home Bar and the forthcoming Cocktail Dictionary).
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3 Responses to How easily corrupted am I?

  1. alison finch says:

    Oi, I read everything you post here, religiously.

  2. Anne says:

    You are such a paragon of virtue, Henry! hahah!

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