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Wine of the Week: Deutschland über alles

I love German whites above all others but I can understand why they are not more popular. There’s the long baffling labels to put off the average buyer and then it is hard to think of the right time to … Continue reading

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Further reading and drinking

The post on booze in books sparked so many suggestions that I was going to do a new post on the same subject. There is, however, already a rather good blog devoted to just this topic called 120units so I’ll … Continue reading

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Good beer, bad adverts

The quality of a beer is in inverse proportion to the quality of its advertising. This is the first rule of brewing marketing. I was reminded of it after seeing the new Adnams campaign. It’s an unfocused blend of mateyness, … Continue reading

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How easily corrupted am I?

When I started this blog I was told that I would be inundated with invitations to tastings and free samples. I have been to few tastings and one lunch but sadly the deluge of corporate largesse never materialised.  My heart … Continue reading

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